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Originally Posted by Faith
While the might sound like a nice sentiment, it's a load of shit. The last 5 months of my life have possibly been the worst EVER, and I shall never wish to be 16 again. And if 17 continues the way 16 went, I'll never wish to be 17 again either.

It's easy for you to say "Stay at home and don't drink", but when i'm the only one at home and ALL My friends are out in the pub with "their" IDs, it makes me feel just a little shit. I'm not trying to be older, per se, but just able to join my friends on nights out.

i didn't have my first drink of alcohol till i was 17, almost 18. i had the chance to go drinking with my friends who used to go drink all the time but it was never a big thing for me to go drinking. i just didn't want to, i had better things to do than waste my time and money. trying to find places that would serve you or spending a night in some side street or field freezing and wet in the irish weather really didn't seem like fun to me. i'm not anti drinking, i like to go out and drink i just don't understand why teenagers feel the need to, to act grown up i suppose.

oh and worse then being refused for not having i.d. is not being asked. i haven't been asked for i.d. in about 2 or 3 months and its getting annoying, especially when i go to the trouble of bringing i.d with me. must be gettin older looking or something.
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