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------------------GENERAL INFO------------------
* Name On Birth Certificate: That would be telling!
* Nicknames: D
* Birthday: Also telling!
* School/ college: UCC
*Eye Colour : Brown
*Hair colour: Red (natural, not bottle)
*Height: 5 foot something (?)
*Shoe Size: 6 or 7
*Brother/sister: Unfortunately
-------HAVE YOU EVER------------------

* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Twice - never again
* Missed school B/coz it was raining: Yep
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: I almost burned my eyebrow off the other night cos the flame on my lighter was too high - but that wasn't amusing
* Been in a car accident: Nope
* Been hurt emotionally: Yep, and bound to be again
* Kept a secret from everyone: Of course
* Had an imaginary friend: Yep
* Cried during a Movie: Yep
* Had a crush on a teacher: Yep
* Ever thought an animated character was hot:, I don't think so
* Had a New Kids on the Block Single: Who? No
* Been on stage: Yep - primary school
* Cut your hair: Have I ever cut my own hair? No, I have people to do those sorts of things for me.
* Been sarcastic: Silly question really

* Shampoo: Sunsilk
* Colour: Red
* Day/Night: Day
* Summer/Winter: Winter - so long as it doesn't rain, which is asking a bit much
* On-line smiley:
* Cartoon Characters: TMNT
* Fave Food: Turnip - yes, I know I'm a wee bit strange
* Fave Advert: M&Ms advert with the really sarcastic Irish guy; "Chocolate isn't blue!"
* Fave Movie: I can't choose, there are too many great ones!
* Fave Ice Cream: B&J Phish food
* Fave Subject: Physics

------------------RIGHT NOW------------------

* Wearing: Clothes, of course!
* I'm feeling: Hot (temperature-wise)
* Eating: Nothing
* Drinking: Nothing
* Thinking bout: Filling out this survey
* Listening to: Eel's "I wrote the B-side"
* Talking to: Myself
* Watching: My computer screen (dumb question)

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------

* Cried: Nope
* Worn a skirt: Nope
* Met someone New: Nope
* Cleaned your room: Yes, actually
* Done laundry: Nope
* Drove a car: Um...actually I've never done that

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------ *

* Yourself: I guess
* Your friends: Same as above
* Santa Claus: Nope
* Tooth Fairy: Nope
* Destiny/Fate: Nope
* Angels: Nope
* Ghosts: Yes, there's a really convincing story bout a guy in England who was doing work in his cellar one day & a legion of Roman soldiers walked through the wall. Turns out there was a Roman road there once.
* UFO's: Nope
-----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------ *

* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope & I'm enjoying my freedom
* Like anyone?: Yes, not viable though due to who he is mates with.
* Who have u known the longest of your friends: Emer
* Who's the loudest: Emily the Strange!
* Who's the shyest: Brigid
* Who's the weirdest: Also Emily
* Who do you go to for advice: The ex, usually
* Who do you cry with: My pillow (not big on crying in front of others unless there's alcohol involved)
* When did you cry the most? At night
* Whats the best feeling in the world: The feel of anothers lips on yours.
* Worst Feeling: That horrible feeling that you're going to be sick
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