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Default that eejit british fella in town

does anybody know the english homeless guy who can be found wandering around the central bank, temple bar, grafton and occasionally o'connel street in dublin? he approaches you asking if you have a minute, then even if you tell him to piss off, he still haggles you for change. he claims he lives in a hostel with his girlfriend and sells the big issue..this is fair enough until you actually look at the mouldy bastard and notice he's probably the most obvious heroin addict on the streets of dublin this century. i wouldnt have any problem apart from the bullshit that comes out of his mouth. i've been haggled by him three times in the last year and i wouldnt even mind if he came up to me and said 'sorry mate, i need money for drugs, can you help me out?' i'd probably give him more cash to be honest.
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