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pablo 01-05-2004 17:32

a list of the top searches that brought people to feckthat.com in April 2004.

1 feckthat.com
2 my feotus
3 feck
4 matrix code animated gif
5 cyprus avenue cork
6 pizza republic cork
7 sick joke of the day
8 battlestar galatica
9 geordan murphy
10 hurtwood copter
11 worst ads
12 johnny the homicidal maniac avatars
13 jthm avatars
14 minesweeper flags
15 oxegen 2004
16 aborted feotus
17 exitus acta probat
18 kino cork
19 oxegen 2004 lineup
20 stupid but funny questions

JennyPen 02-05-2004 16:01

Did you know that if you search the quote on someone's profile in Google it brings up the person's profile as the top search result?

pablo 05-05-2004 10:12

Try : buy chicken fillets for tits
on google lists us somewhere on the first page :umm:

Didn't know about the profile

Tree 05-05-2004 23:43

i remeber that thread and pab's man boobs.....

pablo 05-05-2004 23:46

Emm lets not spark that discussion again, I'm very sensitive about my man breasts.

Anyway just goes to show that google is great, how long until it takes over our lives. You'll be able to connect to the google and get all the information that is available from it. The Google might even construct its own world, where people willl be in a virtual reality. (ok i'll stop now)

Tree 05-05-2004 23:48

can i ask what inspired you to type about buying chicken fillets for breasts into google in the first place!?

pablo 05-05-2004 23:52

I didn't , and I am not sad enough to check random searches until I come up with a list of 20 seachs that will bring you here. I get the details from a webstatistics program. It tells me were people come from and when they visit and other stuff like that, like last month we 'gave away' 246,252 files , which is over 1.88GB of data !

Tree 05-05-2004 23:55

a file being a webpage?

your cute dino keeps winking at me and its distracting coz the gaps between winks are so long i'm not entirely sure....

pablo 06-05-2004 00:03

a file being a webpage, an image and a style sheet. a unique webpage is called an impression, and we gave about over 3900 of them away each day last month. An just to finish the lesson a hit is when you request an image or a webpage, and the server says it hasn't been modified since you last asked for it so you can use the version you have in your cache if you wish, and we got 403380 hits last month (it was over half a million in february).

Tree 06-05-2004 00:09

coool, now i gots the lingo (i think)

pablo 03-06-2004 11:10

The main search strings directing to us in May were :
jhm avatars
johnny the homicidal maniac avatars
chis doran jokes
worst songs ever
mud fight
explosions in the sky cork gig
peanutbutter cookies
nofx dublin
tim o'riordan the langer
battlestar galatica
james kilbane
langer tim o'riordan
melanie whorehouse
musle car wheels rims
oxegen 2004
stapleless stapler

Faith 03-06-2004 14:12


Originally Posted by pablo
melanie whorehouse

:eek: :eek: How did people get here searching for that? Please say it's some crazy famous persons name on a thread I missed.

pablo 01-07-2004 08:54

searches for June
jthm avatars
brain anurism
cork webcam
peanutbutter cookies
jerri ryan
pizza republic cork
johnny the homicidal maniac avatars
beckham txt jokes
chris doran gigs
mud fight
worst ads
25 things women wish men knew
fruit picking france
fruit picking in france 2004
jerri ryan homepage
worst songs ever

Tree 02-07-2004 00:08


Originally Posted by pablo
searches for June

peanutbutter cookies

i made these today :D yummy!

pablo 04-08-2004 17:03

searches for July
1 faceparty
2 jthm avatars
3 feckthat.com
4 johnny the homicidal maniac avatars
5 faceparty.com
6 feck
7 christina ricci
8 feckthat
9 mcdonalds for 30 days
10 30 days mcdonalds
11 cornflakes cookies chocolate
12 pizza republic cork
13 tumbleweed.gif
14 alright john got a new motor
15 eggs on legs
16 faceparty adult password
17 mcdonalds 30 days
18 region free crack
19 'faceparty.com'
20 acercoke

ciaran 04-08-2004 17:05

so us giving out about faceparty.com [ <--- another link for them] generates most of the hits!

pablo 01-09-2004 08:41

searches for August
1 christina ricci
2 feck off crows
3 lms battle of the bands 2003
4 miusic and work
5 paul hahn olympics
6 paul hahn gymnast
7 avp spoiler
8 cao points ucc 2004
9 ferraro rocher calories
10 miss cicciona 2003
11 nancy spains cork
12 rebelgaa
13 brian mcfadden lyrics
14 leaving cert points predictions
15 no file format found in registry
16 wobbl and bob
17 www.chrisdoran.ie
18 avp voting
19 fake garda id
20 feckthat

pablo 01-10-2004 14:49

searches for September
1 anurism
2 brain anurism
3 simpsons personality quiz
4 wobbl and bob
5 christina ricci
6 cork slang
7 da vici code
8 the simpsons personality quiz
9 how do i enter the red bull soap box races
10 leaving cert grinds
11 sean mcdonnell
12 slang cork scobe
13 red bull soap box race rules
14 bo duke wig
15 cocktail ideas
16 feck
17 irish message boards rose of tralee
18 josh ritter gigs in ireland
19 rebelgaa
20 red bull soap box race 2005

JennyPen 01-10-2004 17:39

haha, i think kev gets an award for being the poster of the thread relating to the two biggest searches!!!

stairway 2 hell 02-10-2004 00:17

well not sure how i managed that but go me....

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