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pablo 14-01-2008 09:55

weird bacon products
Bacon Salt
now this is funny, it's kosher and their company motto is "everything should taste like bacon". via here

pablo 13-05-2008 13:18

on the topic of all things bacon. have a look at these fellows

ciaran 13-05-2008 13:34

I feel sick

Blumenblatt 13-05-2008 13:51

I saw some chocolate with bacon in Asheville, NC...but didn't buy it as it was almost $10 a bar...

ciaran 13-05-2008 14:13

No chocolate covered fish though?

pablo 13-05-2008 14:58

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I'm sure the taste might be nice, sweet and salty.
Attachment 709
I've never seen these before ...

pablo 16-05-2008 10:58

still on the topic of bacon there are some interesting pictures on this website, everything from bacon bandages to bacon cheesecake to bacon soap. I quite like the bacon salad bowl
The Most Bizarre Bacon Products Ever? - Asylum | For All Mankind

pablo 20-05-2008 17:05

and one more link, Strange Things with Bacon at MrBaconpants.com a list of strange things that have a bacon flavour. I don't think that bacon coffee would be that nice.

priji 20-06-2008 09:55

Bacon tastes good. I loved bacon.thanks for share the lists.

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